must confess that I am not one to succumb to pop culture. Nevertheless, even I cannot help but be drawn into the tale of Harry Potter and his band of friends. I wonder what it would like to have such a character as our president.

Of course today, the very characteristics that grace one with the presidency are more akin to Lord Voldamort, it would be a fantastic change of pace to see a man who is loyal, hardworking, talented, and excellent in the white house. Unfortunately, the characteristics that make the public love Harry are ironically, what we despise in a presidential candidate.

Loyalty – Harry is unwilling to sacrifice the relationships he has made over his life. In fact, he holds his friends to a higher standard of loyalty than they themselves are capable of producing on their own.


Honesty – Harry is not willing to deceive or let his friends be deceived. He is always vigilant and seeking the truth no matter what the cost.

Integrity – Harry’s main strength is his integrity, something we do not value in our leadership.

Strength of conviction – Harry is willing to sacrifice everything even his own reputation and life to fight for what he knows is right.

As Americans, we flock to the movies and idolize this character. Even his faults are not important because of the overriding desire of Harry’s heart to do right.

In contrast, Voldamort is every thing Harry is not. Is too is talented but has a talent for bullying, for being rash, narcissistic, destructive….

As Americans, while Harry would be the perfect president, one who would always look out for the interests of his friends and the interests of others, he is not popular. People do not want to believe the truth.

Rather we prefer the liar, the self-centered politician that only means to hurt and destroy what we all know to be right and good and true. Americans love the liar, badmouth, and make fun of the honest and good intentioned.

Lord Voldamort in 08!

Jonathan Dever is an attorney whose practice focus is real estate, finance, debt mitigation, business counsel, asset protection and estate planning. He is a frequent lecturer and has been named a Super Lawyer by Law and Politics for the last three years. He also publishes web sites and advises small businesses on best practices, strategic management, IT and Human Resource integration.

His Hobbies include Political Blogging and the Outdoors.

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